your-journey-aheadIf you could step through an imaginary time mirror, and meet the person you will be 10 to 20 years from today, what would be your conversation with him?

Would you even want this opportunity if you could have it? Would you have the courage to go through the experience?

If so, what do you think each of you would say? Would he thank you for making the decision to keep learning through life so you had maximized your potential while avoiding unnecessary dead ends and roadblocks in your life’s journey? Or, would he drop his eyes and try to explain to you why he let you down?

Well, strange as it may seem, you are going to meet this person someday. Whether you like it or not, you are going to have this chat with him. You can’t avoid him. You can’t evade him. You can’t escape him. Whether he is grateful to you, or whether he blames you, depends upon a decision you must make today.

Before you read further, I want you to ask yourself two questions. Unless you can answer them in the affirmative, I suggest you stop now, for you are only wasting your time.

First, do you have a strong desire to prepare yourself for the future? Do you really want to grow in professionalism and expertise? Don’t be impulsive in your decision. Don’t consider this question lightly. Not everyone has this desire.

The second question is of even greater importance. Even if you are sure you have the desire, is this desire strong enough that you will do something about it? Are you sure you are willing to invest a modest amount in yourself now to insure greater future rewards, success and happiness?

Be honest with yourself! If for some reason you cannot answer these two questions in the affirmative; if for some reason your thirst for success is not enough to take action for a better future, let me repeat, you should stop reading my message. It has nothing of help for you.

If you're not investing at least 5% of your income in professional training and courses, you are most likely underfunded!

Whether you cultivate a condition for growth or whether you create a climate for failure depends upon your decision regarding these two important questions.

To answer the first question is not enough. Your decision must be made on both. For your sake, I hope you make them both in the affirmative. I sincerely believe you have the desire and ambition to do so as the average person will not have read this far.

If you are willing to follow accurately and with precision, certain fundamental principles contained in this Course as well as other training programs, doors of opportunity which you did not even know existed will open to you.

Now let me give you a directional compass in the form of a simple formula which, if followed, will lead to the realization of your ambitions and goals. It is simple and certain in its results.

I present it in the form of a question. Are you trying to change your circumstances in life without being willing to make the sacrifices to change yourself? Are you looking for a better job without being willing to do a better job? Are you trying to build a future without being willing to build yourself?

A simple rule applies. You cannot accomplish anything greater than what you are. Not only must we realize we can only build a future by building ourselves, but we must have a constant source of material and instruction to help us in this constant growth and improvement of ourselves.

On the road to sales closing successDo you have courses of study and personal development upon which you can constantly draw for instruction and inspiration? If you don’t, you are not traveling the professional road to success.

The average lawyer has an investment of $20,000 to $50,000 in his library. The average doctor has literally hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in training and courses of instruction. The architect, the professor, and certainly top sales people all have large investments in similar sources of instruction and training.

How professional are you? How much do you have invested in such material? How much will you budget this year for your own ongoing sales training? Let me suggest if you’re not investing at least 5% of your income in professional training and courses, you are most likely underfunded!

If I asked you what is the most important thing in life to you, I believe your answer would be the same as mine. Next to your family and the spiritual aspects of life, it is your earning power.

Yet, isn’t it strange that in spite of this fact, many people will invest in everything except themselves. Themselves! The only true investment that never fails to pay a dividend.

The average person wouldn’t drive his car down the street without insurance on it. He wouldn’t sleep in his house at night without fire insurance. And yet, often this same person will not take out insurance on his future earning power by investing a small amount in career instruction and skill development.

Just before George Bernard Shaw died, he was asked: “Mr. Shaw, you have known all the great men of your time – the artists, the writers, the statesmen. You have known first hand those who have shaped the destiny of the world during your generation. Now, Mr. Shaw, if you could be born again and relive your life as anyone of your choice, who would it be?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Mr. Shaw said: “If I could relive my life in the role of anyone I could choose to be, I would want to be the man that George Bernard Shaw could have been, but wasn’t.”

Here is a man who by all ordinary standards of performance was among the greatest, and yet he was dissatisfied. He realized how much more he could have done. How satisfied are you with your life up to this point?

If you could live your past over again, would you do it differently?

Do you plan to continue in the same pattern? I believe even those who claim to be self-made, if they had the opportunity to do it over, would welcome outside help.

The world owes us nothing, but we owe ourselves to develop our own qualities to the ultimate. It is a great challenge and not an easy one to meet. However, unless you are willing to start this very moment, do you really believe someday, somewhere, somehow it will suddenly happen?

Don’t you remember – today is already the tomorrow you were going to do so much about yesterday? Soon this very precious, priceless day will be a long time ago.

By investing in yourself now, when you meet your alter ego in the future, you can look him straight in the eye, and he will smile and thank you for making the journey of your life a great one. Don’t let him down. It will be too late to do anything about it then. The time of decision is now.

Man, throughout all history, has faced this great choice – is he content with his present circumstances or will he take action to accomplish his ultimate purpose? This opportunity is yours at this time. It is up to you, and you alone, to make your dreams come true – your plans come alive.

Good luck in Your Journey Ahead. I sincerely hope you prepare for your future because – and I trust you agree – you are worth the investment!


For your success,



A simple rule applies. You cannot accomplish anything greater than what you are.

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