The Story Behind the Most Powerful Sales Training Course On The Planet.

The ideas, concepts, and sales techniques in the SALES CLOSING POWER! Sales Training Course are not a repeat of the same old 1950s sales training methods found in other sales books, courses and programs, but rather are new and advanced. Here is the story of how SALES CLOSING POWER! developed from one man’s obsession with discovering the best sales training techniques on the planet!

Bill Bishop got his B.A. degree in advertising and sold advertising as one of his first sales positions. Advertising is an intangible. It’s also a service, not a product. His clients were hard nosed, bottom line thinking, businessmen, and most of his calls were “cold calls”. But he was very successful. Why?

He read every book on selling he could find. He listened to and studied the best sales training available on recorded programs. And attended every sales training seminar offered. Some of the sales training techniques were old and outdated. Some were fair. And some of the sales techniques were still good. Yet he yearned to know more on the theory that “the more you learn, the more you EARN.”

Soon he discovered the majority of sales training books and seminars simply repeated what he’d already learned. Surely there must be something new! But where can NEW, ADVANCED, SALES TECHNIQUES BE FOUND?

Not in more books. Not in more sales training seminars. Where? He recalled, from his college days, a class project where successful people were interviewed for the secrets of their success.

So he decided to repeat the class project and interview the most successful sales pros that sold tangibles and intangibles…Those who sold products and those who sold services… Those who sold retail and those who sold wholesale…Those who sold “high ticket”… and those who sold more “budget priced” lines.

He reasoned if enough top sales pros were interviewed he’d discover some NEW SALES TECHNIQUES. To qualify as a PRO, in his book, one had to make a minimum of at least $150,000.00 PER YEAR. And do it on commission.

417 Interviews and surveys later he’d discovered the “best of the best”!… A research project spanning over FOUR YEARS! His income soared. The word was out. And he was besieged by other sales people to teach them the new sales techniques he had discovered…

One thing led to another and he published the secrets he had learned in the SALES CLOSING POWER! Sales Training Course that is winning critical acclaim from sales professionals and trainers throughout America.

What’s in SALES CLOSING POWER! is not a repeat of Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar or anyone else. The material is new and advanced and isn’t available in other books or sales training methods.

Rather, what you’ll discover is the “cutting edge”, collective wisdom of some of the Nation’s Top Producing Sales Pros who earn more in a few short weeks than most salespeople do in an entire year!

Your secret of sales success is to open your mind to new methods and sales techniques — Master Sales Pros know there’s always a better way and recognize the tremendous value of improved and advanced sales training.

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