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Why should I order this Course NOW?

Your very next lost sale will cost you a lot more than the $147 your Course costs.
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What makes this Course unique?

Sales Closing Power! The Best Sales Closing Course On The PlanetSeveral things. Firstly, it’s not one sales trainer’s pet theory on closing sales, but rather is the collective wisdom of 417 Master Closers.

Secondly, the ideas, concepts, and techniques are NEW and are NOT a repeat of the “old school” closing methods that have been constantly recycled for the last 50 years.

Thirdly, it is the only Course available that is completely devoted to increasing your Sales Closing Power.

Quite simply, HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR SALES CLOSING POWER!  is your “Rosetta Stone” for solving all your closing problems – once and for all. No other company offers anything like it!

Can you tell me more about the author and history of the course?

Yes, we have a whole section on this. Just click here.

How would you describe the program overall?

It is a soft sell approach based on motivational science, with emphasis on the customer’s own selfish interests. It’s packed full of advanced closing techniques and is entirely dedicated to the specific subject of CLOSING the sale and increasing your Sales Closing Power!

This material is not found elsewhere or taught by other sales training courses or seminars. It works for virtually any product or service, especially direct sales, insurance, real estate, financial services, home improvement, advertising, car sales, business-to-business sales, to name just a few.

You have something called the MILLION DOLLAR CLOSE™. What are the chances it’s going to make me a million dollars?

The Million Dollar CloseThat depends entirely on your own selling situation, your commission structure, how long your sales career lasts, etc.

The MILLION DOLLAR CLOSE™ will eliminate “no” answers, “I wanna think about it” stalls, and similar excuses that have been preventing you from making the income you deserve.

End your lost sales, and you will take-it-to-the-bank!

Can you tell me a bit more about the MILLION DOLLAR CLOSE™?

It has three unique features no other close has:

  • Your prospects can not answer you with a “no” answer! Impossible!
  • Your prospects can not stall you by saying “I wanna think about it” or “I wanna shop around” or “I wanna talk it over with…”

How is that even remotely possible?

The MILLION DOLLAR CLOSE™ works on the deepest psychological elements of why people will or will not do business with you. Those elements are usually selfish, but that’s OK since there is no need to overcome them or use methods with a high probability of rejection. More specifically, the MILLION DOLLAR CLOSE™ makes buying decisions painless and safe from your customer’s own viewpoint.

In fact, the entire Course and Seminar expands on the MILLION DOLLAR CLOSE™ by giving a step-by-step roadmap on how to make buying decisions as painless as possible for your customers. This means you’ll close more and get far less rejection.

Is this Course devoted pretty much to just this one close?

No. The Course contains dozens of other closes, closing strategies and closing techniques.

How much of the Course is on closing? I bought another method and only the last chapter covered closing.

Virtually the entire Course is devoted to the subject of closing sales.

What does the Sales Closing Power! Seminar Video cover?

Sales Closing Power! SeminarThis seminar video complements Sales Closing Power! Volumes I & II and  comprises 2 hours of video downloads.

In the seminar, Bill Bishop presents additional techniques for stalls and objections, especially the feared “I wanna think about it” stall.

How much does this stall cost you every month? For most salespeople, the answer is thousands of dollars! The techniques Bill Bishop teaches will put an end to this and related stalls that have been robbing you of the commissions and income you deserve.

All of the techniques are “soft sell” but super-effective. Download the videos, learn and apply the advanced techniques and you will take-it-to-the-bank! Guaranteed!

Which Course is right for me?

If you only order one Course, you should start with Sales Closing Power! Volumes I & II.

However, if you want to become a Master Closer the Sales Closing Power! Seminar Video is pure gold. If you are sick and tired of “I wanna think about it” and related stalls killing your sales, order the video or better, the combined package.

The main problem I have is with objections such as “it costs too much”. Will the Courses help me overcome this and similar objections?

Overcoming objections is a hard sell tactic that usually backfires.

We teach a soft sell approach to handling objections that helps you reach a closing point. Specifically, we have several chapters devoted to price objections and related sales killing stalls such as:

Lost Sales Are Costing You!

Is this available in bookstores or elsewhere on the net?

Nope. It’s only available right here.

If you see it elsewhere, it’s been illegally bootlegged and we will appreciate any specifics you can forward to us.

How come I haven’t heard of you guys before?

We get asked that quite a lot. Best kept secret in selling, perhaps. We have just updated the Course and are now on the net and expect to reach a wider audience.

What products or services does this Course work best for?

Insurance, real estate, financial services, home improvement, advertising, car sales, business to business sales, to mention just a few. It works for virtually any product or service, especially direct sales.

You don’t give a time period in your guarantee. How long can I evaluate the Course without worrying about getting my money back?

There is no time limit. Try the ideas, methods, and techniques in your own selling situation for as long as you want with no risk.

Will I know everything about closing sales if I order the full Course?

For a relatively modest investment in the Course, you will know more about closing than perhaps 95-99% of the salespeople out there. Study the material, incorporate the concepts and techniques into your own selling situation and you will be well on your way to becoming a Master Closer!

However, your education should be ongoing! Read Your Journey Ahead which explains why you should be investing at least 5% of your income in continuing training and education. Sadly, average salespeople are loathe to invest anything in themselves!

This all sounds great, but I’d still like to know how much I can expect to increase my sales.

income graphMany of our clients increase their sales by 25-50%.

Obviously, it just depends on your own selling situation, but even if your sales increased by only 10%, it is very likely you would make at least 100 times your investment.

We guarantee you’ll make 10% or $1000 minimum. If your investment was $197 and you made $1000, that’s a 500% Return On Investment! Guaranteed, no risk – where else can you make a 500% Return On Investment?

Read some of our Testimonials

I would like all my salespeople to have the Course. Can they all use the one my sales manager purchases?

The Course is licensed per individual. You own the Course, but like software it is sold with the agreement to be one copy per individual. Most of our clients are so ecstatic to have their closing problems solved, they want to play by the rules, and are happy for us to make multiple sales.

It also creates a better image and better sales result for each salesperson to have their own Course. Without a doubt one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to boost sales productivity is to get everyone in sales their own Course ASAP.

For discounts on multiple Courses just contact us at info@salesclosingpower.com.

Why should I order this Course right now?

Your very next lost sale will cost you a lot more than the $147 your Course costsYour very next lost sale will cost you a lot more than the $147 your Course “costs”. If a thief was robbing your bank account of hundreds of dollars on a regular basis – wouldn’t you leap into action to stop it RIGHT NOW?


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Can you give me 9 more reasons so I have 10 reasons to get the Course NOW?

You’ll make more money.bigstock-pain-killer-painkiller-paracet-42061864

You’ll have more referrals.

You’ll hear fewer objections.

You’ll hear “I wanna think about it” a lot less.

You’ll hear “I wanna shop around” a lot less.

You’ll hear “I wanna talk it over with…” a lot less.

You’ll waste less time by closing on the first appointment.

You’ll waste less time in lost sales and in sales which cancel.

You’ll have less strain, less struggle, less rejection… and more fun!

I still have some other questions you didn’t answer here. Can I get more information before buying?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Risk FreeSure, you can just email us.

That said, it’s easier to order the Course to exam in detail at your leisure. If you’re unhappy for any reason, you’ll get a prompt refund, no questions asked.

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What payment options do you offer?

Easy Checkout. Simple one-click checkout through PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account, you can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express to make PayPal payments. That is the best and quickest way to order.

You’ll be taken to a download page and also receive a confirmation email with your download links. You’ll have the Course in minutes.

  • Sales Closing Power!
    eCourse incl. Audio*
  • How to close a sale with Sales Closing Power!
  • $147
  • Sales Closing Power!
    Volumes I and II
  • 16 Audio Files
    comprising 7 hours
  • Volume I and II comprising
    237 pages (printable)
  • Advanced Closing Techniques
    You’ll Take-To-The-Bank!
  • pdf-mp3-icons
  • Sales Closing Power!
    Seminar Video*
  • Sales Closing Power! Seminar
  • $147
  • Sales Closing Power!
  • 12 Video Files
    comprising 2 hours
  • Seminar by Master Closer
    Bill Bishop
  • Advanced Techniques For
    Handling Stalls and Objections
  • mov-icons
  • Sales Closing Power!
    eCourse incl. Audio
    Sales Closing Power!
    Seminar Video*
  • Sales Closing Power! eCourse incl. Audio AND Sales Closing Power! Seminar Video
  • 294$197
  • Most Powerful Closing Course
    On The Planet!
  • Special Offer available
    for a LIMITED TIME only
  • Yes, that’s Volume 1 & 2 plus
    Sales Closing Power! Seminar
  • You Save $97!
    You Get The Best Of Everything!
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* Mac/Windows compatible
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