OK… So You’re Intrigued?

You might assume that to reach such a level of success you will need to turn into everyone’s concept of the abrasive, pushy sales hack—plaid suit, fake gold Rolex, the works.

Not so. Instead, you’ll discover how to close a sale effectively, yet so softly and pleasantly both you and your customer will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

And a customer who has enjoyed the experience will send you something far more valuable than a single commission check: referrals.

There is nothing better in a sales career than to reach the point where other people do your closing for you!

Sales Training For Closers.

This is definitely not one of those “shorty” eBooks dressed up as a sales training course that is really nothing more than an article with covers.

Rather, it is a comprehensive, step-by-step Sales Closer’s Course dedicated entirely to helping you develop your Sales Closing Power. Sales managers and others in sales management have found this course to be an extremely effective way to bring powerful and effective sales training “in house”.

What you’ll be learning is not one sales trainer’s pet philosophy, but the “best of the best” – 417 lifetimes of closing wisdom distilled for your benefit.

So, What Do You Get?

The SALES CLOSING POWER! Course consists of two volumes totaling 237 pages and 7 hours of audio.

The SALES CLOSING POWER! Seminar comprises 2 hours of video downloads that include advanced techniques on handling stalls and objections.

This material is not found elsewhere or taught by other sales training courses or seminars.

It works for virtually any product or service, especially direct sales, insurance, real estate, financial services, home improvement, advertising, car sales, business-to-business sales, to name just a few.

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If you invest in only one sales book or sales training course this year,
SALES CLOSING POWER! should be it.

Don’t even consider going on next week’s sales calls without the benefit of these closing strategies and techniques!

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Enjoy The Income Of A Master Closer!

bigstock-dollars-stairway-24054029How much will this course increase your sales? Obviously, this varies greatly, but many of our clients see a 25% to 50% increase in sales. Others double and even triple their sales and income.

In this day of “over hyping” and “over promising”, it’s natural to be skeptical. We do guarantee you will increase your sales by 10% or your money back. That’s a lot of extra money at the end of the year!

$147 = FREE?

When you can consistently turn stallers into buyers, you’ll enjoy the income of a MASTER CLOSER. If you want CASH FLOW, then get ready because the more you close, the more the cash flows!

Time is money and even a single lost sale will cost you more in lost time and lost commissions than your $147 investment in this course! Isn’t it time to put an end to the “I wanna’ think about it” stalls and excuses that are robbing you of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS every year, if not every month?

Your investment in the two volume 237 page sales training course is only $147. From your perspective, it’s really free since any time an investment makes you a profit, there is no “cost”. ZERO. ZIP! $0.00!

This Course has literally changed the way I close the sale. I went from being a good salesman to being outstanding because of the ideas in this Course. The choice is yours! Thanks Bill for your course and mp3s: Take-it-to-the-bank!
Gary Wilson, UK Home Improvement
Since using the closing techniques in SALES CLOSING POWER!, my closing rate went from one out of five to four out of five prospects.
Steve Rose, Business Equipment Sales
I constantly evaluate other sales training programs. When I received Bill Bishop’s SALES CLOSING POWER! I was so impressed I ordered courses for all of my salesmen. I highly recommend it.
Bob Peery, Real Estate Sales
After receiving SALES CLOSING POWER! and putting the techniques into practice, I made at least 10 times my initial investment at the end of the first month.
Bob Cameron, Auto Sales
  • Sales Closing Power!
    eCourse incl. Audio*
  • How to close a sale with Sales Closing Power!
  • $147
  • Sales Closing Power!
    Volumes I and II
  • 16 Audio Files
    comprising 7 hours
  • Volume I and II comprising
    237 pages (printable)
  • Advanced Closing Techniques
    You’ll Take-To-The-Bank!
  • pdf-mp3-icons
  • Sales Closing Power!
    Seminar Video*
  • Sales Closing Power! Seminar
  • $147
  • Sales Closing Power!
  • 12 Video Files
    comprising 2 hours
  • Seminar by Master Closer
    Bill Bishop
  • Advanced Techniques For
    Handling Stalls and Objections
  • mov-icons
  • Sales Closing Power!
    eCourse incl. Audio
    Sales Closing Power!
    Seminar Video*
  • Sales Closing Power! eCourse incl. Audio AND Sales Closing Power! Seminar Video
  • 294$197
  • Most Powerful Closing Course
    On The Planet!
  • Special Offer available
    for a LIMITED TIME only
  • Yes, that’s Volume 1 & 2 plus
    Sales Closing Power! Seminar
  • You Save $97!
    You Get The Best Of Everything!
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