Sales Closing Power! eCourse incl. Audio AND Sales Closing Power! Seminar Video
The SALES CLOSING POWER! eCourse consists of two printable volumes totaling 237 pages and 16 audio files (7 hours).

The second volume is an interactive guide to the first volume, and contains additional closing materials and techniques, including sales scripts and print-ready forms for your personal use.

You’ll learn the new psycho-dynamics of selling, the MILLION DOLLAR CLOSE™, plus dozens of additional closes you’ll-take-to-the-bank!

eCourse Files*:

Volume I
Volume II
Volume I Printable
Volume II Printable
3.1 MB
4.3 MB
3.1 MB
4.1 MB
File format: PDF (zipped)

Audio Files*:

Sessions 1 to 8
Sessions 9 to 16
totalling 94 MB
totalling 100 MB
File format: mp3 (zipped)

* Mac/Windows compatible
How to close a sale with Sales Closing Power!
Sales Closing Power! SeminarThe SALES CLOSING POWER! Seminar Video consists of two parts, comprising 2 hours. Optionally, for your viewing pleasure, we have separated the video files into 12 individual sessions.

This seminar video complements Sales Closing Power! Volumes I & II and also presents additional sales techniques for handling stalls and objections.

Video Files*:

Part 1
Part 2
Sessions 1 to 6
Sessions 7 to 12
totalling 645 MB
totalling 870 MB
totalling 643 MB
totalling 635 MB

File format: mp4 (zipped)

* Mac/Windows compatible
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