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Price-Value Matrix – A Cool Tool For Finding Your Just Right Pricing Strategy

While developing your pricing strategy, it is important to remember that there is an implicit relationship between price and value. We expect to pay more for gourmet food than for fast food and for a luxury car than for an […]

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Winning Sales Strategies You Can’t Market Without!

1. Attention-Getting Ads Get Results
Think about it…how many advertisements do you hear every day…how about every hour? Let’s face it, we’re bombarded with magazine ads, newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads, and the Internet is plastered with ads on every […]

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Steps To Getting Highly Motivated Prospects Or Customers

With the many ways to advertise, it is easy to sometimes be in a rush to just get something out somewhere. But, no matter where you plan to advertise, there are several basic fundamentals that will help create advertisements that […]

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