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The Most Powerful Sales Closing Course On The Planet?

A bold claim, but the ideas, concepts, and sales training techniques in SALES CLOSING POWER! are not a repeat of the same old 1950s sales training methods, but rather are new and advanced.


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Advanced Sales Training.

If you want to learn advanced sales closing training so you’ll make maximum sales in minimum time, you are at the right place!

In SALES CLOSING POWER!, Bill Bishop, a Master Sales Trainer who has conducted extensive research into the psychology and sales closing techniques of 417 of the US Top Sales Pros, will teach you how to sell successfully — not 20% of the time, or even 50%, but 80-90% of the time.

SALES CLOSING POWER! is a comprehensive, step-by-step Sales Closer’s Course dedicated entirely to helping you develop your Sales Closing Power. Intrigued?

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Sales Closing Power! is not one man's pet theory on selling, but

rather is the priceless wisdom of 417 of the Nation's Top Closers!

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