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The Most Powerful Sales Closing Course On The Planet?

A bold claim, but the ideas, concepts, and sales training techniques in SALES CLOSING POWER! are not a repeat of the same old 1950s sales training methods, but rather are new and advanced.

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Advanced Sales Training.

If you want to learn advanced sales closing training so you’ll make maximum sales in minimum time, you are at the right place!

In SALES CLOSING POWER!, Bill Bishop, a Master Sales Trainer who has conducted extensive research into the psychology and sales closing techniques of 417 of the US Top Sales Pros, will teach you how to sell successfully — not 20% of the time, or even 50%, but 80-90% of the time.

SALES CLOSING POWER! is a comprehensive, step-by-step Sales Closer’s Course dedicated entirely to helping you develop your Sales Closing Power. Intrigued?

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How much will this course increase your sales? Obviously, this varies greatly, but many of our clients see a 25% to 50% increase in sales.

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This close is based on two critical principles: 1) making the “Yes” decision painless and 2) formulating the close so the possibility of a “No” answer is eliminated.

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Your investment is only $147. From your perspective, it really is FREE since any time an investment makes you a profit, there is no “cost”. ZERO. ZIP! $0.00!

Are you investing enough in yourself? Are you prepared for your future?

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No tricks, gimmicks, or ten worthless bonuses. You’ll put an end once and for all to the lost sales that have been robbing you of the income and commissions you deserve.

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Michelle Pascual, Missouri Alarm Systems

Sales Closing Power! is like nothing else you’ll ever see out there! It literally is one of a kind, no joke. I have done research, searched online and bookstores including Amazon, and you won’t find anything like it. The lessons and advice you get is straight to the point and cut to the chase! They should call this a WOW! Course because that was the word that was coming out of me with all the lessons I learned compared to others. It is like re-programming your thought process of selling techniques, which makes this Course extremely unique!

If you want to stop wasting your time and go straight to success, then you’ve found it here, the MILLION DOLLAR CLOSE™ is your last stop because everything else is obsolete!

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Lou Cady, Mesa, Arizona

I recently ordered Bill Bishop’s program. I’ve been very impressed with it.

I went to a 2-day sales seminar/program and as I sat through the program listening to the old, supposedly tried and proved closing systems that we’ve all heard for the last 20 years, I was biding my time to keep from interrupting the speaker and stealing his thunder from him.

The system that Bill teaches I found to be so much smoother, so much easier to get a close with and will work very effectively at any point in your sales presentation. Frankly I’m just very impressed.

It’s the best thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Gary  Wilson, UK Home Improvement

This Course has literally changed the way I close the sale! Anyone in sales will know closing is the key to making BIG commissions… this Course will provide you with the skill.

I went from being a good salesman to being outstanding because of the ideas in this Course.

I have integrated the techniques so now I deliver the words automatically that make me and my salespeople a fortune.

If you want to become outstanding at what you do… well? The choice is yours! Thanks for your updated Course and mp3s.


Another Happy Customer!

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Your very next  LOST  sale will cost you a lot more than the $147 your Course costs.

If you invest in only one sales book or sales training course this year, SALES CLOSING POWER! should be it. Order your Course now and mark your calendar, because today is the end of your lost sales!

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Sales Closing Power! is not one man's pet theory on selling, but

rather is the priceless wisdom of 417 of the Nation's Top Closers!

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